Lovely Things~ Song of the Tulip Fairy

Song of the Tulip Fairy is a Cicely Mary Barker poem.  Her book Flower Fairies evokes childlike imaginations through whimsical seasonal poems about mythical magical sprites.  I love sharing these rhymes with my young daughter and invite you to read her lovely lyrical poems from the 1920s.

Song of the Tulip Fairy

Our stalks are very straight and tall,

Our colours clear and bright;

Too many-hued to name them all–

Red, yellow, pink, or white,

And some are splashed, and some, maybe,

As dark as any plum,

From tulip fields across the sea, 

To England did we come. 

We were a peaceful country’s pride, 

And Holland is its name, 

Now in your gardens, we abide–

And aren’t you glad we came? 

~Cicely Mary Barker


~Think on these things~



One comment

  1. I am just now catching up on all I missed. Lovely things you share!


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