Lovely Things~ A Welcoming Lantern

Hospitality begins at our front door, so maybe you can use this simple idea to welcome your guests, as well as the changing seasons. I bought an inexpensive lantern at Hobby Lobby~ they come in all styles and sizes. Throughout the year, I open the lantern door and create a happy scene that reflects the calendar. Bright red apples welcomed September. Halloween brought spooky spiders on a mound of candy. Miniature pumpkins and gourds greeted Thanksgiving. Christmastime brought a sweet nativity scene. For winter, there was artificial snow, pinecones, and a red cardinal. A bright pink candle nestled among candy conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day. Spring flowers recently replaced Easter eggs, and summer may bring seashells on a bed of sand. This welcoming lantern lights the way for each new season without spending much time or money. What a lovely thing!


~Think on These Things~




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  1. Lynda L Fry · · Reply

    I love this idea, Alicia! Now, we must make another trip to Hobby Lobby! Love, Mom

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