Springtime Scents


Jo Malone Cologne offers citrusy, woodsy, fruity, spicy, and floral scents that can be layered to create the perfect combination for you.  My favorites include Nectarine Blossom & Honey, French Lime Blossom, and last year’s limited edition Osmanthus Blossom.

Next time you’re near a department store that offers a Jo Malone counter, or a boutique store, test out a few of the scents–the sales associates should offer samples and suggestions on combinations that will appeal to you.

What are your favorite perfumes?  Share your signature scents with us in the comments section.  Have a lovely day!

~Think on These Things~






  1. Your blog, defining “pretty minimalist” is great and very helpful. Thank you‼️


  2. Natalie, next time I go out, I will try a whiff of Jo,Malone. About my signature fragrance, at age 74, I have switched a few times, but ther is always one or two I always come back to. I usually consider comments I hear from my friends. I have two favorites for everyday, and one for special occasions. Omnia Crystaline, by By Bvlgari.
    The 2nd is Casual, by Paul Sabastian. I always get good comments on these two. Just as many likes for Casual as for Omnia Crystaline. Casual is much less expensive. For special occasions I sometimes wear L’awir Sri Temp, by Nina Ricci.


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