Monthly Archives: May 2016

America, The Beautiful

We pause, this Memorial Day, to honor the lives, sacrifices, and memories of the fallen men and women from our nation’s military. As we pay our tributes, this Monday, let us think of those we have lost, but also on the beauty they have protected. Life: Though Memorial Day is designed to decorate the graves […]

Breakfast Behavior

My most favorite meal is breakfast.  I love how quick it is to fix, the sweet and savory options, and the warmth of it all.  Though my morning routine may vary slightly, depending on the amount of chaos ensuing, I always make time to eat breakfast. I hear lore about those mythical muggles who are happy to drink […]

Signs of Hope

Three years ago my nephew and I solemnly stood in my mother-in-law’s kitchen just before departing for her funeral service. Looking out the window, we saw a bald eagle majestically flying across the sky in broad circles. As we called the rest of the family, the eagle tipped its grand wings towards us before flying […]

Heart Rocks

When my son was quite young, he proudly gifted me a heart-shaped rock. I imagine his tiny hand snatched it up like a precious jewel and stuffed it in his pocket with other boyhood treasures~ a feather, a wildflower, an acorn. He outlined the rock’s shape with craft paint and sweetly wrote “love.” So began […]

Homeward Bound

Tonight, my parents threw a party at their lake house for my youngest sister.  She recently accepted another position within the company that she works for and will be moving to Seattle in a few days. My husband, our three kids, two dogs, and me piled into our minivan and drove out to my parents’ […]

The Legend of the Nuernberg Wedding Cup

Hundreds of years ago, in the little German town of Nuernberg, the noble maiden Kunigunde feel in love with a goldsmith.  Though her noble father disapproved, she turned down wealthy suitor after wealthy suitor and begged her father to approve her marriage to her humble love.  The noble maiden’s father cast the goldsmith into a […]

Mother’s Day

It seems my mother has led a charmed life. Naturally blessed with beauty and brains, she grew up the only child of a prominent physician in a small town. For 55 years, she has been married to my father, a dentist who lived to pamper and provide for his family. Mom has many wonderful qualities […]

May Flower

Those of us who share a May birthday are given the emerald as our birthstone and lily of the valley as our birth flower. I’ve always loved this little woodland flower with its tiny, white bells and sweet fragrance. This perennial plant is also known as Our Lady’s tears. Legend tells us it sprang from […]

Your Stone

My husband and I listen to music in completely different ways.  He listens to the lyrics and the message of the song right from the start.  I, however, hear the beat, the instruments, the melodic intervals, and the words, but often ignore the meaning of the lyrics altogether.   It isn’t until I force myself to […]