Mother’s Day


It seems my mother has led a charmed life. Naturally blessed with beauty and brains, she grew up the only child of a prominent physician in a small town. For 55 years, she has been married to my father, a dentist who lived to pamper and provide for his family.

Mom has many wonderful qualities my sisters and I would be fortunate to inherit ~ talent, creativity, and style. Courage and strength were something we would get from our dad. He was the rock, the one we counted on to be physically and emotionally strong, no matter what any of us faced.

His strength empowered me this past year, as we waged war against his cancer. At the risk of excluding my mom, we protected her from long days of chemotherapy and blood transfusions.  Two weeks ago, when the doctor stoically told us there was nothing more he could do for my dad, it was my mother’s strength I doubted and prayed for.

A few nights later,  when a cruel combination of cancer, toxins, and morphine racked my father’s body and brain, I was prepared to go it alone while my mom slept.  The man I saw lying in the shadow-filled room was suddenly a stranger. The thin body, incomprehensible rambling, and anxious spasms belonged to someone I didn’t recognize. For the first time, I was too weak to help my dad, and he was too weak to help himself.

I shut my eyes summoning my father’s courage. When I opened them, I saw my mother sitting next to him. She was gently holding his hand and confidently saying all the words I was unable to find. I stood in the dark like a frightened child watching a woman of immeasurable strength and composure comfort her dying husband. I sat on the bed and followed my mother’s lead until my dad drifted back to sleep.

My mom gave me an unexpected gift this Mothers’ Day. She gave me strength when I needed it most. Her gift will encourage me in the difficult days ahead and remind me that deep within us all lies a surprising reserve of hidden power.

~Think On These Things~




  1. Melody · · Reply

    My Dear Friend,
    I was so touched reading your words this morning. What a Wonderful tribute to a very Lovely Woman!
    As I grew up, I loved coming over to your house because your mom, Lynda was always the most beautiful, sweet and kind person to me. She always lifted my spirits with her smile and sweet voice. She always had donuts and fresh orange juice the mornings after sleepovers….. I still remember! 🙂
    Mothers are truly a gift from God and when I think of my own mother, who is now in Heaven, I realize what a wonderful legacy a mom leave for her children…… Unconditional, undying love that continues to radiate from them, to us and on down to our own children and on to each generation after we are gone!
    Happy Mother’s Day Alicia & Lynda


  2. Lee and Judy · · Reply

    Oh Alicia, you captured the strength and spirit of Allen and Lynda so perfectly. We lean and learn from one another and as special people in our lives and to our family, Lee and I have seen your parents as you described.
    In our love and friendship we hold you all in our hearts.


  3. I am thinking and praying for you and your entire family. This post was so beautiful and touching. You should consider pitching it around the web and getting your work out there. Let me know if I can help!


  4. Kathleen Shoemaker · · Reply

    Tears fall as I read this beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman!!! I am so sorry for your pain but even more grateful in knowing your wonderful father is in heaven! His pain is gone. His body perfect, and he is with our wonderful God! Your daddy’s work on this earth is done and I’m quite sure he has heard the words ” well done my son”. He was the epitome of a Christian man, husband, father, and friend. God bless all of you during this difficult time and praise God that we will see him again! Love you my friend!!!

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  5. Crile · · Reply

    Hi – having lost your email I luckily came upon this. I was so sorry to hear about Allen passing – what a great person he was, and what a great loss to you, your family and all who knew him. And what fantastic support you all would have given him in those final days – I’m sure he would have known how much he was loved. My best to Lynda, Melinda and Suzanne. Kua hinga te tōtara i Te Waonui-a-Tāne

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