Heart Rocks

When my son was quite young, he proudly gifted me a heart-shaped rock. I imagine his tiny hand snatched it up like a precious jewel and stuffed it in his pocket with other boyhood treasures~ a feather, a wildflower, an acorn. He outlined the rock’s shape with craft paint and sweetly wrote “love.” So began my collection of heart rocks. I have about a hundred now that fill a large glass bowl. My children, husband, and even neighborhood kids continue to delight me with these gifts from nature that miraculously appear on mountain trails, the ocean floor, river beds, and parking lots.  My heart rock collection is among my most treasured possessions. The beauty of a perfect snowflake, rainbow, or rose is fleeting, but these organic riches will last longer than I and represent everything pure, wondrous, and lovely.


~Think On These Things~




  1. Lynda L Fry · · Reply

    May your “heart rock collection” continue to grow and remind you of the many gifts of God’s world! Love you, my rock…Love, Mom

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  2. Janet · · Reply

    Everything you write touches my heart. Thank you for sharing little pieces of yours.
    Blessings come from unexpected places sometimes. Even Facebook…

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  3. I have one of these ! I have no idea how they are formed but I love them !


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