America, The Beautiful


We pause, this Memorial Day, to honor the lives, sacrifices, and memories of the fallen men and women from our nation’s military. As we pay our tributes, this Monday, let us think of those we have lost, but also on the beauty they have protected.

Life: Though Memorial Day is designed to decorate the graves and salute the lives of veterans who have lost theirs, let us show grace for the ones they have protected.  Celebrate this precious gift with family and friends today.

Liberty: From the shackles of tyrrany and slavery, our rights have risen.  Though many of us may wish for more, let us have solace in our struggles; for we live in a nation of freedom framers. And for that, we should be grateful. More will come, and more will be protected.

The pursuit of happiness: The hardest to define, this inalienable right is yours for the taking. What makes you happy? America, The Beautiful wants to bestow this God given right upon you. So let her. Allow yourself to be happy and to give happiness to others.

Happy Memorial Day, my friends.

~Think on These Things~




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  1. Melody · · Reply

    Well said! 🙂


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