Lovely Things~ Simple Solutions

Are there any simple household tasks that send you right over the edge? For the majority of my life, I loathed putting a fitted sheet on the bed. No matter the odds, I somehow always picked the wrong elasticized corner and ended up wrestling with the thing like a complete spaz. Then one day, my father-in-law and I were discussing little things that drive us nuts, and he gave me this brilliant idea. With the fitted sheet on the mattress, label each corner with a permanent marker. (Slip a magazine between the sheet and mattress, so it doesn’t bleed through.) I marked mine BL/BR for bottom left and right and TL/TR for top left and right. Solving everyday problems really does make life a little more lovely.  What simple solution have you discovered?


~Think On These Things~







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  1. Melody · · Reply

    I once read a book about simple organizational tips for your life.
    There were many gems I gathered from this book, but one really stood out and I use it to this very day.
    The tip I am referring to is “how to keep your ironing from piling up”. I know that most people would say they don’t iron at all anymore, and if you are one of those individuals, that’s ok because I use this suggestion for any task I hate to do.
    Here it is……
    Set a timer for a specific length of time, say like 10 minutes. Then, do that dreaded task till the buzzer sounds and then move on to something else.
    It is amazing how much you can accomplish in a short amounts of time ! I often find myself trying to “beat the clock”, as a sort of game.
    Just a lovely way to help with the “unlovely” chores in our lives! 🙂


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