The Changing of the China

My mom has at least four collections of china.  She has an everyday pattern, a Lenox Butterfly Meadow spring pattern, Pfaltzgraff’s Winterberry for winter, and her wedding china, Noritake Cervantes, for special occasions.


Although my dad might complain a teeny bit about the lack of cabinet and counter space that occurs when my mom switches out her plates for the season, The Changing of the China has always brought simple joy to my mom and me.  We love the diverse designs and artistic patterns.  And more than anything else, I love how proud my mom feels when she serves our family a meal using her complete collection of a specific china pattern.

Since my wedding day, I have slowly started to amass my own assemblage of china. I realize that it will be a very long time before I own any of our everyday, Spode Blue Italian, Lenox Holiday, or Vera Lace wedding china collections in full.  However, even as I set the table with incomplete place settings, I continue to appreciate the unique beauty in each special pattern and the simple joy that it brings to my family’s table and to me.


What china patterns are your favorites?  Please share pictures with us in the comments section.


Alicia’s china: Lenox Eclipse

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