Lovely Thing~ Queen Anne’s Lace


The Queen Anne’s lace is in bloom again. This ubiquitous wildflower stands elegantly in the humblest of places~ forgotten roadsides, littered ditches, and busy intersections.

Summer after summer it returns, despite all that transpired since it last appeared. Faithfully, tenaciously, it does what it was created to do. 

It blooms. It pushes through the untended soil and adds its unique beauty wherever  it may find itself. Secure in its simplicity, it begs not for attention. Secure in its purpose, it thrives without excuse.

Dependable, modest, lovely Dacaus carota, you are an inspiration. 

 Think On These Things~ Alicia








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  1. Lynda Fry · · Reply

    I love the tenacity and survival of your beautiful Queen Anne’s! Great “lesson”!

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