Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Legend of Lorelei

Truth be told, I’m a Gilmore Girls super fan.  The series, set in an idyllic New England town, is riddled with mother-daughter triumphs, fast-talking witty banter, and relationships issues that feel so real, it hurts.  And though the seven season series ended in 2007, it will reboot with four seasonally-themed episodes on Netflix, this Fall.  I cannot […]

Celebrating Our National Parks

At a time when some question the greatness of this country, I can only suggest taking a trip to a National Park.

Lovely Things~ Simple Tools

When you focus on what is lovely, you see the beauty in magnificent things, but you also bring an awareness to the elegance, and history, of simple objects.

Fancy Meals: Summer Edition

Back in December, I vowed to keep a New Year’s resolution to cook a fancy dinner at least once a month.  I’m happy to report that my resolution is still in tact.  This Sunday, I am sharing some of my summer dinner successes, in case you’d like a new recipe to try out in your […]

The Statue of St. Joseph

Today, the first home that my husband and I bought together hits the market for sale.  And though we look forward to buying another home with more space, we will never forget the place we brought our babies home to and which housed so many cherished memories. However, in hopes that we will sell our […]

Dreams of My Father

In the growing light of morning, it becomes clear why my dad has been joy-riding through my dreams, and I understand what he’s been trying to tell me.

Lovely Thing~ Strawberry Shortcake

I know folks can get real touchy about something as important as strawberry shortcake, but here’s a shortcut to this summertime classic.

Summer Summation

This is the last weekend before I start back-to-school meetings.  Monday morning, I will start teacher in-servicing, curriculum planning, and syllabi copying for the beginning of the school year.  And though I am truly excited to meet my new students and to commence a fresh semester, saying goodbye to the summer is bittersweet. I had grandiose plans […]

Dream Animals

When my son was a baby, we read the same bedtime story over and over.  He picked the book, Dream Animals by Emily Winfield Martin, every single night– to the point where I memorized each sweet poetic line.  Since my son was a baby, this author and illustrator has released two more beautiful books, Day Dreamers and The Wonderful […]