Summer Summation

This is the last weekend before I start back-to-school meetings.  Monday morning, I will start teacher in-servicing, curriculum planning, and syllabi copying for the beginning of the school year.  And though I am truly excited to meet my new students and to commence a fresh semester, saying goodbye to the summer is bittersweet.

I had grandiose plans for my summer at home with my kids.  I wanted to take a “field trip” each week.  I wanted to meet my husband for lunch.  And I really wanted to finally print photos of my kids.  None of those plans came to fruition.  But that’s okay.

This summer, I was able to get all three kids to nap at the same time.  Whoop whoop!  I took all of them to the local splash pad by myself, more than once.  And even though I cooked my eggs while simultaneously battling my son with a light saber, I was able to eat my hot breakfast and drink my hot coffee without having to reheat it!   It really is the little things.

So even if your summer plans fell slightly short this year, understand that the sun has not fully set on this summer season.  You still have time to savor a few simple pleasures while the air is still warm and the fruit is still ripe.  Here are a few suggestions:

  1.  Attend an outdoor music festival/picnic: Many towns and counties have summer music concerts with free admission.  Grab a lawn chair and blanket, your best friends, and listen to some local music while the cicadas join in on the summer serenade.
  2. Catch lightning bugs: Whether you call them lightning bugs or fireflies, nothing embodies summer magic like a jar of those glittering creatures on a summer evening.
  3. Seek out summer fruit:  Bite into a fresh juicy watermelon and bake a peach pie or strawberry shortcake.  These summer treats will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but your summer bucket list, as well.
  4. Frequent your favorite ice cream parlor:  Every city seems to have that tiny, town favorite ice cream shop.  Head out for a scoop of your favorite flavor before the shop closes for the season.
  5. Watch the Olympics:  The Olympics not only brings the nations of the world together, it gathers families.  Marvel at the strength of the competing athletes.  And put away your devices.  You might witness a world record.

In all, it is my impression that it is the simplicity of summer that we anticipate each year. Just as we look forward to turning leaves and pumpkin-flavored everything in Fall, the tiny treasures of summer create the sweetest memories.  So as August winds down and school supplies fill the aisles, remember to find simplicity in your summer send-off.

~Think on These Things~




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  1. Lynda Fry · · Reply

    Thanks, Natalie, for a glorious “good-bye” to summer!

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