The Statue of St. Joseph

Today, the first home that my husband and I bought together hits the market for sale.  And though we look forward to buying another home with more space, we will never forget the place we brought our babies home to and which housed so many cherished memories.


However, in hopes that we will sell our house in our intended timeframe, we’ve called upon the assistance of St. Joseph.  I’ve heard from many friends that praying to St. Joseph and burying his statue in one’s yard helps to hurry the process along.  Many tales specify that the statue should be buried in a specific place and in a particular way.  The statue that I bought, from my local Catholic gift shop, dismisses most of the legendary folklore, however.  The only specifications, according to my St. Joseph kit are as follows:

  1. Ask St. Joseph to help you sell your home
  2. Believe in St. Joseph to intercede to God, for the granting of your request
  3. Trust.  Bury or place St. Joseph’s statue on the property, as an outward sign of your believe and trust in his power.
  4. Thank St. Joseph for having responded to your call before, during, and after the granting of your favor.
  5. Move St. Joseph’s statue to a place of honor.
  6. Share your experiences with others.


Having followed the first three steps, my husband and I are praying each day that St. Joseph helps to answer our call.  We know that he will.  Have any of you called on St. Joseph for help selling your homes?  Please share your stories with us.  Have a fantastic week.

~Think on These Things~





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