Work week lunches

I’ll admit, I loathe packing my lunch.  First of all, it requires me to think ahead.  And at 8:00 pm, when my husband and I are finally able to speak to each other without a toddler asking us for a snack, or to put a Lego guy back together, sinking into the couch for an hour is much more appealing than packing food for the next day.

However, I do not have a long enough lunch hour to go out for lunch, so my options as a schoolteacher are to eat the school lunch, or to bring food from home.  Thankfully, my school does offer hearty salads and those square pizzas that we all remember from grade school.  But as a grown woman, I need quick and easy lunch options for work week lunches.

Luckily, I recently discovered a simple lunch pairing: soup and adult-style lunchables!  Hillshire offers cheese, meat, and cracker packages called Hillshire Snacking.  The packages are savory, filling, and come in four different meat and cheese options.  Target, or The Mothership, as Alicia and I refer to it, offers these snacks in the deli aisle.


Additionally, Target sells organic and gluten-free soups.  For healthier soup choices, consider Boulder Organic soups, located near the fresh produce.  Their Butternut Squash Soup with Sage tastes like autumn in a jar, and will fill your break room with a blissful aroma.


So if you’re anything like me, and need suggestions for easy healthy work lunches, try out my new favorite combo.  We welcome your thoughts, too!  Leave us your favorite work week lunch ideas in the comments section.

~Think on These Things~




  1. If you can find it at Target it’s clearly worth trying! And I love the idea of an adult lunchable, maybe they should include wine for on the weekends? 🙂


    1. Sounds like a plan, Liz! Great idea!


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