Lovely Thing ~ Lullabies

fullsizerenderEvery now and then, we unexpectedly find ourselves in a perfect moment that simply holds all of the loveliness of life. A few days ago, after a busy day caring for our two-year-old grandson, I was offered such a moment of bliss.

While my step-son and his wife are on vacation, their little boy is spending the week with us. We had come to the end of a long day, my memories of caring for a toddler quickly returning.

Fresh from a bath and dressed in his cozy pajamas, he was in a wonderfully clingy mood. We sat on the couch for what I was sure would be seconds. His sweet-smelling head snuggled against my heart. His tiny, smooth hand wrapped around my own. The setting sun shone through the window bathing us in golden light, adding to the beauty of the quiet moment.

He sat so still on my lap I was surprised to see his eyes were open. Not wanting to break the spell, I began to sing. The lullabies came automatically ~ the same medley of songs I sang nightly to my own children for almost a decade.

I quietly sang a dozen or so songs, many of which I remember my mother singing to me and my sisters ~ You Are My Sunshine, Jesus Loves Me, Tell Me Why. When I stopped, he patted my hand, a silent signal he wanted me to continue. And so I sang. For nearly thirty minutes I sang, thinking of my own childhood, my own children, and all of the children who long to be showered with lullabies and love while they are so pure and fresh from God.

How I pray that every child, in every corner of the world, would have someone gently sing them a lullaby and that every grown-up would know the joy of a child drifting to sleep on their chest while singing something like this  ~ Golden slumbers fill your eyes. Smiles awake you when you rise. Sleep little darling, do not cry. And I will sing a lullaby. 

Think On These Things~ Alicia

(Golden Slumbers by The Beatles/Lullaby, Mother and Baby Painting by Harry Roseland)





  1. I am speechless at your loveliness! LOVE

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  2. This sweet comment doesn’t have a name with it…just a ! Mom?


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