Upon Reflection


It has been exactly nine months since Natalie and I met to discuss writing a blog together. It seems a natural time to pause and consider where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Much can happen in nine months. A child can be conceived, develop, and finally be born into the world.

Lessons In Loveliness has been our baby~ brought to life with excitement, fear, expectation, and some serious pushing. We know this creation of ours is just one little voice crying out among many, and we appreciate all of you who have welcomed our ideas with open hearts.

I’m personally grateful to have had this project to keep me anchored the past nine months. My dad’s death sent out ripples that reached every part of my life. Perhaps you, too, have had some personal challenges that have been compounded by a growing sense of melancholy for our nation and world.

I admit at times I worry that what we write about week after week is trivial and even simple-minded in light of serious issues in our lives. Death, injustice, hate, and confusion loom large while we talk about fine china, poetry, recipes, and good manners?

Unapologetically, yes!

Upon reflection, we’re reminded that this is exactly why we created Lessons In Loveliness. We know life isn’t always lovely. Disaster will strike. Health will fail. Accidents will happen. People will disappoint. Loved ones will die.

Far from being a foolish ostrich who buries its head in the sand, we are fully aware of life’s difficulties. We are keeping our heads up and and our eyes wide open so we can also see the beauty. And there is so much beauty!

There will always be problems to solve, hard conversations to have, and somber situations to face, both in our private and global spheres. As we navigate through the big stuff, we must continue to elevate the seemingly small things that create a well-lived life.

Surely a society that has learned to slow down and appreciate a bouquet of flowers, a love song, a warm bowl of soup, or a glorious sunset is far more likely to bring good, rather than harm, to one another.

There is much in life that is out of our hands, but there are many things within our control. Thank you for joining us as we continue to seek, create, and celebrate the loveliness of life by ~

  • Enjoying life’s simple pleasures
  • Establishing rituals for eating, sleeping, bathing, and dressing
  • Refining our interactions with others
  • Developing spiritually and intellectually
  • Improving our mental and physical health
  • Loving our family and friends
  • Beautifying our living spaces
  • Contributing to our community

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. ~ Voltaire

Think On These Things ~ Alicia


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