Lovely Thing ~ Getting Organized

This past Sunday, Natalie wrote about procrastinating. More specifically, she urged us to think of the one thing we need to deal with but keep putting off. For many of us, that one thing is a drawer, a file cabinet, a closet, or room in which lurks an overwhelming mess.

I’m the type of person who freaks out more than a little when things are out of order. My sisters tease that I’m like Monica Geller, from the television show Friends. In part, this is because we share an adorable neurosis when it comes to keeping things clean and organized.

Like my fictional friend Monica, I also endured a few fat years. That’s another post entirely, but I will say that all of this is much cuter and funnier on TV than in real life!

I’m not a certified organization expert, but I do have some ideas that have helped me create order in our home and, more importantly, in my mind. In my next few posts, I’ll offer motivation, and specific ways, to reduce and tame chaos and clutter.

I hope you’ll be back on Sunday when I tell you about my Life Notebook. I’ve found this to be a great way to organize all our personal, household, and financial information in one convenient place. I’d be absolutely lost without it!

Until then, here’s a reminder that even your most organized friend may be hiding a  secret closet!


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