Lovely Thing ~ Mighty Magnesium


Does anyone else have a spouse or significant other who falls into the deepest sleep the second his head hits the pillow?  For years, I’ve been envious of my husband’s ability to fall asleep so quickly.  It all came to a tipping point when I was pregnant with my son, around the second-trimester or so.  While there was no question that I was exhausted, but I found myself, time and time again, lying awake in bed, unable to fall asleep.  Sometimes, I would have to get up to use the restroom.  Other times, I would feel the sensation of my heart racing.  All of the time, I was unable to turn off my brain. Finally, I called my doctor.

My doctor suggested that I take a Magnesium supplement at night.  At first, I thought that I misheard the nurse.  “Do you mean Melatonin?” I asked.  “Nope, Magnesium” she responded.  Following Doctor’s orders, I bought some from the Target vitamin section.

Fast-forward three years, I still take Magnesium at night.  It doesn’t knock me out like NyQuil, but it does allow me to turn off my brain long enough to fall asleep.  And that’s just what I needed, and still do today.

If you research the benefits of Magnesium, you will find that most people suffer from Magnesium deficiencies.  Anxiety, muscle cramping, memory issues, and irritability are all issues that can improve with the addition of Magnesium into one’s daily vitamin intake.

I implore you to do your own research and to consult with your doctor if you have any health conditions.  However, if you need nothing more than a good night’s rest, trust Mighty Magnesium to come to the rescue!

~Think on These Things~



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  1. Magnesium is a good thing. Glad it is working for you…nothing worse than lying awake for hours…ugh…


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