Monthly Archives: March 2017

Lovely Thing~ Declining an Invitation to a Pity Party

Recently, I decided to throw a great big pity party. I had several wonderful reasons for my sad soiree. As the only guest on the invitation list, I tried declining graciously, but the hostess was unrelenting! “We can lament about the past and worry about the future,” said she. “We can relive hurtful conversations, binge […]

Lovely Thing~Lists

Who likes making lists?  Raise your hand, or your thumb if you’re scrolling through this post on your phone.  Alright, let me be more specific, who likes crossing items off a list?   I do!  I do! Right now, there is a list stuck to my planner that looks something like this: Finish Wednesday post. Figure […]

How to Have a Lovely Day

When you get right down to it, whether man or woman, young or old, prince or pauper, our days consist of the same basic pursuits throughout our lifetime. I am glad that we have all of our days to master these essential human tasks, but surely, the sooner the better. Like the grumpy and arrogant […]

Cheers to Our One-Year Anniversary!

One year ago today, we posted our first article on our new blog, Lessons in Loveliness. We’ve learned some important lessons in the past year ~ lessons we think apply to anyone who is trying to make a dream come true. Listen to Your Calling. How wonderful that we are called in different directions!  What would […]

Nature’s Gifts

The end of my favorite news program, CBS Sunday Morning, always concludes with a “Moment of Nature.”  The two-minute video clips vary from melting snow near a mountain stream to buzzing bees in a field of wildflowers.  I find myself so captivated by these serene nature scenes that, I must admit, I have found myself streaming “Moments […]

Lovely Thing ~ Sheet Pan Dinners

I am tragically unhip. Fads are gone before I know they arrived, but there is a trend in cooking that I have embraced ~ sheet pan dinners! Maybe they will go the way of fondue and Jiffy Pop, but I love them for three reasons ~ they’re easy, healthy, and delicious. The concept is simple […]

Spring Fashion Advice from a Friend

With spring just a week away, most of us have the itch to ditch our tired winter clothes and fill our closets with some fresh, spring fashions. Since I am no style expert, I turned to my lifelong friend and fashionista, Kathleen Shoemaker. She has been my better-dressed friend since the 60s and is the […]

Lovely Thing ~ Fossil Photography

A couple of weeks ago, Alicia and I met with Jessica, from Fossil Photography, to take professional photographs for our blog.  We were delighted meet for a photo session at the beautiful  La Patisserie Chouquette, a French bakery located in St. Louis. The white vintage decor, illuminated by large golden mirrors, transported us from our […]

The Message We’re Sending

Several years ago, the Student Council at my middle school sponsored a spirit week.  It included the typical Crazy Hair Day, Decade Day, and School Spirit Day.  But perhaps the most original addition to the week, in my opinion, was Dress Like A Teacher Day.  Students were encouraged to choose a teacher and to dress like […]

Lovely Things ~ The Serenity Prayer

One of the most influential women in my life was my mother-in-law, Georgia Garner Griffin. Having had a severe bone infection as a child, she was not physically strong, but she more than made up for it with unending mental and spiritual strength. Not many people would dare, as she did, to teach third grade […]