The Message We’re Sending

Several years ago, the Student Council at my middle school sponsored a spirit week.  It included the typical Crazy Hair Day, Decade Day, and School Spirit Day.  But perhaps the most original addition to the week, in my opinion, was Dress Like A Teacher Day.  Students were encouraged to choose a teacher and to dress like him or her.  Not surprisingly, most of the boys dressed like the male PE teacher, donning t-shirts and athletic pants.  The girls, however, had their pick of us female staff members.  And I have to admit, I was more than a little nervous to see if any of the students would try to dress like me.  What would that look like, I wondered…Do I wear anything weird?  Middle schoolers are brutally honest.  Middle schoolers can make fun of anything.  Lord, help me!    

In the end, if I remember correctly, only a few chose to dress like me.  I think they may have worn a mostly black outfit, boots, and a scarf.  Honestly, that is an outfit I wear quite often, and it didn’t embarrass me, thank goodness.  What I do remember most clearly from that day, however, is a student who dressed like our principal.  Her outfit was almost identical to one that the principal had in her wardrobe: a navy-blue dress, stockings, and ballet flats.  She also curled her blonde hair and wore a pendant style necklace to complete the ensemble.  It was perfect, it was classy, and everyone knew who she was supposed to be.

I want you to try something: Imagine that a middle schooler was told to dress like you.  Think about what that would that look like.  While you are reflecting, consider the following questions:

  1. What types of clothes do I wear on a regular basis? 
  2. How would someone describe or copy my style?
  3. What does my style tell others about me?  
  4. How would I feel about my style and persona if someone were to copy it?  

In the instance where that middle school girl dressed like the principal, her choice to wear a dress, curl her hair, and polish her outfit with stockings and a necklace showcased the professional persona of our principal.  It projected an effort that was not only flattering to the principal, but impressive to everyone who saw her.

While I do not feel as though I could offer anyone Anna Wintour-type advice on style and trends, I do feel confident stating that your daily attire is speaking on your behalf.   Consider what is it saying about you.  

Work-out clothing suggests that you’ve been to the gym.  Have you?  Flip-flops suggest summer or beach outings.  Is that where you’re going?  Do you see where I’m going with this?

Therefore, I propose that as you take a look at your closet this week, consider what your style is projecting to others.  Contemplate how your clothing, hair, and overall presence can be styled to exude the poise, power, and respect that you already possess.

~Think on These Things~





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  1. Feral Child's Guide · · Reply

    Haha this scenario literally strikes terror in my heart. I woukd hate to see what the students cane up with for me!


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