Lovely Thing~Lists

Who likes making lists?  Raise your hand, or your thumb if you’re scrolling through this post on your phone.  Alright, let me be more specific, who likes crossing items off a list?  

I do!  I do!

Right now, there is a list stuck to my planner that looks something like this:

  1. Finish Wednesday post.
  2. Figure out birthday plans for Evelyn.
  3. Grade Giver tests.
  4. Print study guide for 7th grade.
  5. Update grades online.
  6. Make appointment for oil change.

I’m sure you must be thinking, “That list isn’t too long.”  You would be correct, it could be much longer.  So why does it seem to take me so long to finish?!  Regardless of the time frame it actually takes to accomplish, (usually a week) I can assure you of one thing, when I do complete an item on my list, I bask in the satisfaction of that pen-strike.  And when the entire list is crossed out, well someone hand me a trophy, because I am awesome and I am exhausted.

“A trophy,”  you ponder with a well-played eye roll, “come on, Natalie, we all have lists.”

Touché, my friends, touché.  Whether they are written, stored electronically on your phone, or floating around in your brain, we all live day-to-day with “to-do lists.”  So if you need a little pick me up, this fine Wednesday, I implore you: make a list.  Put something simple at the top, get yourself motivated, and cross off those tasks!  And this weekend, if your list is complete, let’s all collect trophies!  I know, I know, everyone gets trophies these days.

How about this, treat yourself with a figurative “trophy.”  Can I interest anyone in a bubble bath, a solo trip to Target, or a Netflix binge-session?   I’ll take a glass of Pinot Noir, if anyone has one handy…

~Think on These Things~



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