Monthly Archives: April 2017

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

As a teenager, I wrote in a journal on a nightly basis. My friend drama, boy problems, and irrational adolescent thoughts were stamped within the binding of those diaries. In fact, it was almost a ritual ~ coming home from a night out with friends, scribbling every minute detail onto the pages, and lying in […]

Lovely Thing ~ Spring Cleaning

I am a bit of a homebody, and I get great joy caring for our simple house. I spent Monday afternoon washing our windows and French doors inside and out. The results were so stunning, I’m sharing the recipe I used. For the outside of windows ~ In a bucket, mix 2 gallons hot water, […]

Minding My Manners

I climbed the curved marble staircase at the library looking forward to a morning exploring the nonfiction section, writing at an oak study table, and disappearing into another world of places and ideas. As I strolled down the stacks of philosophy books, I heard a cell phone ring. I was glad I remembered to turn […]

Service Before Self

Each month, our local Rotary Club honors an eighth grade Student of the Month recipient from each of the town’s local grade schools.  In addition to listing academic and extra-curricular achievements and accomplishments, students who apply must explain how they exhibit “Service Before Self”.  What a beautiful concept ~ service before self. Most of the […]

Lovely Thing ~ ‘What the World Needs Now’

Love, sweet love ~ it really is the only thing there’s just too little of, but together we can change that. “May love be your guide in every moment of your life.” ~ Paulo Coelho Think on These Things ~ Alicia

Lessons from ‘The Book of Joy’

A few days ago, at least 80 Syrian civilians, including many children, were killed in a chemical attack seemingly carried out by their own government. I debated turning off the news reports, but I could not turn my back on the suffering of my fellow man.  So, like many of you, I inhaled the atrocity […]

Lovely Thing~Mental Health Day

One morning, back when Alicia and I taught middle school together, I walked by her classroom and noticed a sign on the door.  It read: Shhh, Mental Health Day in progress.  The 8th graders had just finished a long week of state testing, it was spring, and 8th-grade-itis was in full swing (believe me, it’s a […]

Stop and Listen~The Symphony

Several years ago, I received an advertisement in the mail for Powell Symphony Hall, the home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  Although I have a musical background, I’ll sheepishly admit that the list of classical pieces scheduled for the symphonic season intimidated me.  I could not discern the difference between Debussy and Vivaldi!  N’Sync or Backstreet? […]