Monthly Archives: June 2017

In My Life

The talent show at my middle school was the main event of the school year. I remember watching teenage grunge bands, gymnasts, and dancers. The cheerleaders acted out short skits and sister trios sang Going to the Chapel. Most talent shows ended with a finale by an amazing tap soloist, who has since performed on […]

Lovely Thing ~ Children in the Park

Summertime brings free concerts in the park near our home. As the only empty-nesters on our cul-de-sac, my husband and I often ride bikes there with our neighbors and their children. We settle on our blankets and enjoy the music, but I have the most fun watching the kids flitting around us like beautiful butterflies. […]

Ten More Lessons From My Dad

Last Father’s Day, when I wrote Ten Lessons from My Dad, my father had passed away just a couple weeks before. If you’ve lost someone very dear, you know it takes some time getting used to it. For months, every time I thought of him, my breath caught and my stomach dropped as if taking an unexpected […]


It was a warm summer night, and I was a senior in high school. The Pink Bandits and I packed into a red Pontiac Sunfire armed with toilet paper and shaving cream. Coordinated in Abercrombie jean skirts and pink bandanas, we donned the perfect conspicuous camouflage. Our surprise attack would target the 4-Life Crew ~ […]

Hello, Lovely!

  Looking for inspiration to live a more beautiful life?  We believe the world offers us constant lessons in loveliness. Every Sunday and Wednesday, we share something we hope helps you seek, create, and celebrate a lovely life.  This is a sneak peek at one of Jessica Priest’s sweet illustrations from our upcoming book ~ due […]

Now Is the Time

Each spring, hostas, daylilies, and other faithful perennials miraculously peek though the earth and whisper, “Now is the time.” It is our cue to begin the work of turning our backyard into a sanctuary that soothes our spirits and delights our senses. Empty urns and window boxes are brought back to life with ferns, trailing ivy, […]