Simple Pleasures


Every now and then, we surprisingly find ourselves with a few spare minutes, or even an hour, to fill with whatever we’d like. Maybe an appointment was cancelled, or it’s Sunday afternoon and everyone in your family is busy. We can let this time slip by like sand through an hourglass, or we can fill it with something lovely.

I keep a mental list of simple pleasures that cost nothing, but make the most of the unanticipated me-time.  Such a list is quite personal, but I’ll share mine and urge you to think about your own list of simple pleasures.

Watch a scene from your favorite movie. For me, this is the scene from Pride and Prejudice, when Mr. Darcy finds Elizabeth outside in the misty morning and whispers, “You have bewitched me body and soul and I love, I love, I love you, and I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.” Cue the sunrise and the tears.

Take a hot bubble bath. Assemble all of the things you need for a blissful experience, including bubbles, a candle, music, and a fluffy towel. A cold drink, or even champagne, makes a bath completely luxurious.

Mail a note. Get out some pretty stationery or a cheerful greeting card and write a note to someone you love in your best handwriting. Address the envelope, put a stamp on it, place it in the mailbox, and pop up the flag.

Make a punch list. Walk through your home with a notepad and jot down little things that need some attention. Replace light bulb in closet, retouch paint on banister, fill nail hole in dining room, clean spot on rug. As you walk through your home, say a prayer of gratitude for each space.

Play the piano. In my case, this means sitting at the beautiful baby grand piano I inherited and playing the same ten songs I’ve been practicing since junior high. (My apologies to Bach, Beethoven, and my lovely piano teacher, Mrs. Carol Hicks.)

Organize something. Clean out a drawer, a closet, your purse, or a shelf. Deposit unwanted items in a donation bag and put it in your car for drop off.  Step back and admire your work.

Give your pet some love. Take your dog for a walk, play catch, give him a good brush, or just rub her belly and tell her you love her.

Indulge in a beauty treatment. Put on a face mask, deep condition your hair, give yourself a manicure, or neaten up those eyebrows.

Pick up a favorite book. Randomly flip to any page and get lost in the words. Keep a stack of books on subjects of interest and use the time to learn something new.

Walk the grounds. This is a phrase my husband and I say when we stroll around our tiny yard to admire what’s blooming, make notes about what needs to be done, and appreciate our little piece of paradise.

Take a cat nap. Take off your shoes and stretch out someplace comfortable, preferably in a beam of sunlight. Just daydream or fall sound asleep.

“I adore simple pleasures. They are the last healthy refuge in a complex world.” ~Oscar Wilde

Think On These Things ~ Alicia


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