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Brains, Courage, and Heart

Do you ever feel like you woke up far, far from home ~ where all the world is a hopeless jumble and the raindrops tumble all around? We feel ‘ya, girl.  Growing incivility, rude and crude behavior, the sassy, trashy, and not-very-classy can make us long for a mythical place where trouble melts like lemon […]

Words to Make Us Sparkle

We are ending our week with a positive quote featured in our book, Lessons in Loveliness ~ Learning to Live a Lovely Life. And what, friend, is a simple pleasure you promise to enjoy this weekend?  

Lovely Thing ~ Choosing Quality Over Quantity

I once read about a sophisticated interior decorator who ended nearly every evening meal by savoring a single Godiva chocolate. At 100, she was looking svelte and stylish and feeling happy and grateful.  Her lesson to frequently enjoy a small, luxurious pleasure extends beyond indulgence in good chocolate. It reminds us to always choose quality […]

Words to Make Us Sparkle

Lovely Lesson ~ 10 Ways to Embrace Being a Role Model

In my many years as a teacher, I was always humbled and a little frightened by the power I had over the climate of my classroom. Student behavior, attitude, and academic success are affected by many things, but nothing may influence it more than the role model standing at the front of the class.  Over […]

Words to Make Us Sparkle

Lovely Thing ~ The Essential Tote Bag

Choosing the perfect tote bag can be as difficult as choosing a new handbag or wallet. Sure, you have 87 free cloth totes from volunteering at that service event, making a purchase at a beauty counter, or spending $50 shopping anywhere. But when it comes to actually toting around a laptop, work files, or essentials […]

Words to Make Us Sparkle

End your week with an inspirational quote featured in our book, Lessons in Loveliness ~ Learning to Live a Lovely Life. Have a fabulous Friday! 

Lovely Lesson ~ How A Single Word Can Change The Way You Look In The Mirror

Recently, I picked up my daughter from after-care at her elementary school. As a mom of a new kindergartner, I asked the typical “How was your day?” and “What did you learn?” questions. This particular afternoon, she told me, shoulders hunched, that a boy on the playground had called her “fat.” I gasped in horror! “Evelyn,” I said, kneeling down […]