Lovely Thing ~ The Essential Tote Bag

Choosing the perfect tote bag can be as difficult as choosing a new handbag or wallet. Sure, you have 87 free cloth totes from volunteering at that service event, making a purchase at a beauty counter, or spending $50 shopping anywhere. But when it comes to actually toting around a laptop, work files, or essentials for a busy day, we want a bag that is classic, stylish, and durable. 

Consider the following when choosing your essential tote bag:

1. Which neutral color will match my wardrobe and outerwear year-round?

2. Which material is most comfortable and durable for my needs? Leather, quilted cotton, vinyl, other? 

3. How long do I want to keep the same bag?  

4. Your answer to #3 will help to determine an appropriate budget.

5. Do some research ~ after doing my own, I decided on the Transport Tote by Madewell.

“Whether it is a canvas tote or Givenchy, a day bag you love is essential. It doesn’t have to be a fashion It bag of the season, either.” ~Brad Goreski

Think on These Things ~N




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