Lovely Thing ~ Choosing Quality Over Quantity


I once read about a sophisticated interior decorator who ended nearly every evening meal by savoring a single Godiva chocolate. At 100, she was looking svelte and stylish and feeling happy and grateful. 

Her lesson to frequently enjoy a small, luxurious pleasure extends beyond indulgence in good chocolate. It reminds us to always choose quality over quantitya piece of Godiva chocolate, not a sleeve of Oreos; one cashmere sweater, not a dozen pill-prone knockoffs; tickets to the theatre, not every silly new movie; thoughtful conversation, not meaningless babble. 

Choosing quality over quantity takes self-control and awareness. It also takes a certain amount of discernment and acumen. If we pay attention, we can learn to choose well and experience, in moderation, the finer things in life. 

“It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” ~Seneca

Think On These Things ~ Alicia





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