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Over the last decade or so, Americans have become much more conscientious about avoiding harmful chemicals, allergens, and antibiotics in food. In fact, if a woman was grocery shopping for her family and noticed equally priced organic and non-organic produce, I’d put money on the fact that she’d choose organic. 

The organic and health food industry has expanded so much lately, that non-GMO food is even offered at discount grocery stores like Aldi. So if Americans can be mindful of the food they put into their bodies, why not the products they put on their skin? 

A quick Google search will identify over a thousand harmful chemicals that are included within most popular beauty products. Frightening ingredients such as Formaldehyde (a carcinogen), Phthalates and Parabens (hormone disruptors), and Benzolkoniam choloride (a disinfectant bothersome to people with allergies) are allowed in the beauty industry in the United States, even though they are banned in the European Union! Even more surprising is that the United States has not implemented a federal law to regulate safe ingredients in the beauty industry since 1938.

1938, folks. 

While I am not a skincare or beauty expert, I urge you to consider the following when making beauty purchases:

Ingredients ~ The website Beauty By Earth lists potentially harmful ingredients you may want to avoid. Understandably, the long scientific names and list of over 1,300 chemicals banned in the EU makes it difficult for anyone to memorize. Encourage yourself to remember a few, and make purchases from companies that exclude those ingredients. 

Effectiveness ~ Are you looking for an anti-aging regimen, or a long-lasting lip color? Take the time to read reviews on the type of product you are looking to purchase. You might find one brand that sells everything you are seeking, or you might need to make a few smaller purchases from multiple companies. 

Price ~ Sometimes you pay for what you get, but sometimes, you don’t. The most expensive beauty product is not necessarily the best or the safest, and the cheapest isn’t always the worst. Stay in your personal price range while considering other important factors. 

“Women should never have to sacrifice their health in the name of beauty.” ~Gregg Renfew, CEO of Beautycounter

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  1. Thank you for speaking out about the toxins in cosmetics and skin care. I switched to less toxic products years ago. Boy, that was almost a trauma…ha! I was so used to what I had been buying for years. Of course, the organic products are more expensive and sometimes more difficult to find (but so worth it). Other products to consider are hair care and deodorants. That’s shameful that our government hasn’t updated the list of nasty ingredients since 1938. Then again, there are lots of things (foodstuffs and the way they are raised) that are banned in Europe and not here. A sermon for another day…


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