Lovely Thing ~ An Intentional New Year


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At the beginning of 2017, I wrote about the practice of dedicating the new year to a single word that becomes a personal theme, motto, or mantra. In lieu of easily-broken resolutions, the word is a year-long touchstone for clarity, focus, and intention. 

My word for last year was stillness. I decorated a small motivational poster and hung it in my closet. I even took a picture of it, and made it my phone wallpaper. After a few weeks, I stopped noticing the poster, and I eventually changed the image on my phone. I sometimes went days, or even weeks, without thinking about my word, but when I found myself feeling wonky and imbalanced, my soul whispered, “Be still”. I can say with certainty that I was less of a whirling dervish, and I experienced more serenity in 2017 than ever before. 

There are so many words worthy of our attention that choosing just one can be difficult. What do you most need in your life right now? Do you long for more joy, kindness, discipline, forgiveness? What word could transform every single aspect of your life for the better? 

My word for 2018 is bloom. At 56, I’m feeling a bit wilted. I need to remind myself that I can still flourish in a thriving state of health, growth, and beauty, inside and out. I also plan to surround myself with gorgeous blossoms in every form. I agree with Claude Monet who said, “I must have flowers, always and always.” 

So what’s your word for the new year? To help you get started, I’m sharing a page you can download and print. Click here ~ Happy New Word 

This provides a place for you to write your word, along with a definition, synonyms, and inspirational quotes. It encourages you to write five daily practices that will help bring your word to fruition. There’s even a place for you to draw a little symbol of your word.

Happy 2018! I wish you more of whatever you need to create more of whatever you want!

“Setting your intention is like drawing an arrow from the quiver of your heart.” ~ Bruce Black

Think On These Things ~ Alicia




  1. Thanks for the worksheet! This is something I need to think about and hopefully will keep on track, not forget it.

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  2. I hope it helps, Donna! It’s so easy to let intentions slip away from us. This year I’ve placed reminders everywhere! ~Alicia


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