Lovely Thing ~ Power Coat

img_8434-1For the past several years, I’ve worn the same J.Crew wool coat. I remember asking for the coat as a Christmas gift and agonizing over which color would suit me best. I ultimately decided on a warm orange color that really popped against my fair skin and dark hair. This winter, however, the lining had reached its limit; I’m talking wedding-ring-stuck-in-sleeve-time-to-hang-it-up-for-the-last-time–I needed a new coat. 

Sure, I could find a black wool coat at any major department store or local boutique, but I wanted something specific ~ a beautiful power coat. In case you’re in the market too, consider the following when selecting one of your own:

Color ~ Which color will match most of your clothing, shoes, and accessories? Which color brightens your complexion, sets off your hair color, and gives you a powerful feeling? Choose a color that makes you stand out and feel confident. 

Length ~ The length of a coat will compliment our figures differently, depending on our height and size. Longer hems tend to read dressier than shorter. Decide which will work best with your wardrobe and lifestyle, or opt for a mid-length hemline as a happy-medium. 

Purpose and price ~ If you’re choosing an every day coat, you might be willing to spend a little more than a coat you’ll only wear on special occasions. Consider how long you plan on keeping the coat, how often you will wear it, and what price point works with your budget. 

Power factor ~ When you try on the coat, ask yourself if you feel confident. Could you walk into your office, turn heads, and exude power? Shopping online? Imagine yourself stepping out of your car (even if it’s a minivan), and feeling polished and powerful. Can you picture it? If you answered yes, you’ve found your power coat. 

*My coat can be purchased at major department stores. It is a camel colored Via Spiga Faux-Fur-Collar Asymmetrical Coat. 

“We’ve come a long way. Power dressing now is designed to let the woman inside us come through.” ~Donna Karan

Think on These Things ~ Natalie


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