Monthly Archives: February 2018

Lessons from the Impressionists

On a dreary day, when the temperature barely reached double-digits and the crystal white blanket became dirty slush, I found myself at the Indianapolis Art Museum. I basked in the warmth of Impressionist paintings bursting with sunny colors. How I wished I could hang one in my home until spring, but I settled for some […]

Lovely Thing ~ The Gift of Life and Love

My husband took me on our first date when I was 16, and I swooned. No, really, I fainted. I guess Mike thought it would be romantic to donate blood together, so after school we went to a church blood drive. I only remember his dreamy blue eyes staring down at me and a Bloodmobile […]


For lots of reasons, big and small, Alicia and Natalie have decided to put this blogΒ on the shelf for a little while. Just like a favorite book, you can return to any time to read hundreds of our posts. Natalie is passionate about her new venture as a representative of Beautycounter. Join her Facebook […]