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Nature’s Gifts

“Winter sunshine is a fairy wand touching everything with strange magic.” ~Patience Strong

Lovely Thing ~ An Intentional New Year

  At the beginning of 2017, I wrote about the practice of dedicating the new year to a single word that becomes a personal theme, motto, or mantra. In lieu of easily-broken resolutions, the word is a year-long touchstone for clarity, focus, and intention.  My word for last year was stillness. I decorated a small […]

words to make us sparkle

Nature’s Gifts

Puppies have to be one of nature’s sweetest gifts!

Lovely Thing ~ The Gift of Bridges

Praise the bridge that carried you over.  I read this quote by 19th century English dramatist George Colman in passing, but it stuck with me. If you’re reading this, you faced some troubled waters this past year. And if you’re reading this, you made it through. You may be tattered, tired, a bit wet around […]

Nature’s Gifts


Lovely Lesson ~ A Gift for Teacher

Christmas of 1988 was my first year as a teacher, and the way things were going, it looked like it would be my last.  On a sweltering late August day, the interview for my first teaching job ended like this, “You can have the position, but you won’t last until Christmas.” The charge was to […]

words to make us sparkle

This is a favorite quote from a true story in our book called Christmas Miracles. If you’re in the mood for a holiday story, here’s the link ~

Nature’s Gifts

“When I no longer thrill to the first snow of the season, I’ll know I’m growing old.” ~Lady Bird Johnson

Lovely Thing ~ Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe

Last year, I was lucky enough to digitally connect with fellow Gilmore Girl fan and author of Eat Like A Gilmore, Kristi Carlson. Her recipes, inspired by the food mentioned in the popular series, are as fun to make as they are to enjoy!    Her cookbook quickly gained popularity with the revival of Gilmore Girls […]