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Lovely Thing ~ Spring Cleaning

I am a bit of a homebody, and I get great joy caring for our simple house. I spent Monday afternoon washing our windows and French doors inside and out. The results were so stunning, I’m sharing the recipe I used. For the outside of windows ~ In a bucket, mix 2 gallons hot water, […]

Lovely Thing ~ ‘What the World Needs Now’

Love, sweet love ~ it really is the only thing there’s just too little of, but together we can change that. “May love be your guide in every moment of your life.” ~ Paulo Coelho Think on These Things ~ Alicia

Lovely Thing~Mental Health Day

One morning, back when Alicia and I taught middle school together, I walked by her classroom and noticed a sign on the door.  It read: Shhh, Mental Health Day in progress.  The 8th graders had just finished a long week of state testing, it was spring, and 8th-grade-itis was in full swing (believe me, it’s a […]

How to Have a Lovely Day

When you get right down to it, whether man or woman, young or old, prince or pauper, our days consist of the same basic pursuits throughout our lifetime. I am glad that we have all of our days to master these essential human tasks, but surely, the sooner the better. Like the grumpy and arrogant […]

Cheers to Our One-Year Anniversary!

One year ago today, we posted our first article on our new blog, Lessons in Loveliness. We’ve learned some important lessons in the past year ~ lessons we think apply to anyone who is trying to make a dream come true. Listen to Your Calling. How wonderful that we are called in different directions!  What would […]

Lovely Thing ~ Sheet Pan Dinners

I am tragically unhip. Fads are gone before I know they arrived, but there is a trend in cooking that I have embraced ~ sheet pan dinners! Maybe they will go the way of fondue and Jiffy Pop, but I love them for three reasons ~ they’re easy, healthy, and delicious. The concept is simple […]

Spring Fashion Advice from a Friend

With spring just a week away, most of us have the itch to ditch our tired winter clothes and fill our closets with some fresh, spring fashions. Since I am no style expert, I turned to my lifelong friend and fashionista, Kathleen Shoemaker. She has been my better-dressed friend since the 60s and is the […]

7 Ways to Spread Kindness This Week

This Sunday actually marks the end of Random Acts of Kindness Week, but there is no reason to stop spreading the love!  So we challenge you, this coming week, to think about how you can spread kindness and love to others.   Need inspiration and ideas?  Here’s a true story: About a month ago, my daycare called […]

Lovely Thing ~ Setting the Table

I have fond memories of growing up in a family that sat down to dinner together every night.  I can still hear my mom call to my sisters and me from the kitchen, “Girls, time to set the table.” Although it was never a formal affair, each evening we set the table with five placemats […]

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

I love baking with my children.  Yes, they whine and argue over whose turn is next, but they literally jump for joy when I ask them if they want to help me to bake cookies. Yesterday, I believe that we mastered the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  And surprisingly, that beautiful batch taught us a few […]