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Light in the Darkness

Monday, August 21, 2017, millions of people will look to the sky. With anxious anticipation, they will wait for the moon to completely cover the sun. Depending on where you live in the United States, you could be in the path of complete totality ~ where you can view the entirety of the sun’s coverage […]

Your Special Day

When I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with a rare pregnancy condition called Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy. Basically, during mid-late pregnancy, my bile acid levels increased to heightened levels, deposited under my skin, and left me with agonizing itchiness. The condition would reverse after delivery, but with it worsening in my last few weeks, it […]

Classic Films

Do you ever find yourself surfing the television channels, wishing that there was something “good” to watch? We all have our guilty pleasures ~ news marathons, reality TV, or crime dramas. However, once in awhile I find myself at a point where I simply cannot force myself to watch another episode of House Hunters (I know they want […]

Lovely Thing ~ La Seine and I

This weekend, I watched the sweetest animated movie with my children. While browsing through Netflix, the movie, A Monster in Paris, caught our attention. Set in Paris in 1910, a mishap in a greenhouse turns a tiny creature into the “Monster in Paris.” The Parisian music had all three of my children dancing on the living […]

To the Good Guys

My toddler son is very into good guys and bad guys. Amazingly, he can name scores of good and bad Star Wars and Marvel super hero characters by name. And to top it all off, he frequently leaves the house in costumes that range from Darth Vader to Spiderman.  One summer morning, I had to […]

Wabi-Sabi Love

Twelve years ago today, my husband and I were married in a small, outdoor ceremony. The weather was gorgeous. The setting was lovely. We were a match made in heaven. Except it wasn’t perfect, and I really like perfect. Don’t you? Are there chapters, pages, and paragraphs of your story you’d like to rip out […]

In My Life

The talent show at my middle school was the main event of the school year. I remember watching teenage grunge bands, gymnasts, and dancers. The cheerleaders acted out short skits and sister trios sang Going to the Chapel. Most talent shows ended with a finale by an amazing tap soloist, who has since performed on […]