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Lessons from the Impressionists

On a dreary day, when the temperature barely reached double-digits and the crystal white blanket became dirty slush, I found myself at the Indianapolis Art Museum. I basked in the warmth of Impressionist paintings bursting with sunny colors. How I wished I could hang one in my home until spring, but I settled for some […]

Lovely Lesson ~ The Joy of Learning

  The majority of my first 25 years was spent in a classroom. I so loved being a student that I chose to spend my next 25 years as a teacher. In all that time, both in front of the teacher’s desk and behind it, there was never a day I didn’t learn something. I […]

Lovely Lesson ~ Perfect Timing

Ask anyone who knows me well, and they will tell you that I am not a patient person. I eat, read, and walk quickly. I can clean my entire two-story house, bathrooms, floors, and windows, within a few hours. And when my family moved this past summer, we were unpacked within a weekend.  While my […]

Lovely Lesson ~ A Gift for Teacher

Christmas of 1988 was my first year as a teacher, and the way things were going, it looked like it would be my last.  On a sweltering late August day, the interview for my first teaching job ended like this, “You can have the position, but you won’t last until Christmas.” The charge was to […]

Lovely Lesson ~ Why We Love The Royal Family

I was only in the seventh grade in 1997, but I remember watching Elton John’s moving tribute to the late Princess Diana during her televised funeral. I can also vividly recall images of thousands of cut flowers placed in front of Kensington Palace after her death. But the one image etched permanently in my brain […]

Ladies Who Lunch

Earlier this fall, I saw a flyer about a weekday luncheon to benefit our library, featuring several interesting speakers. I bought a rather pricey ticket without a thought about attending the event by myself. As luck would have it, my name did not appear on the guest list, so I was offered a handwritten stick-on […]

Lovely Lesson ~ Of Thee I Sing

It was nearing supper time, and my husband and I sat in our front yard quietly discussing the horrific headlines of the day. We stopped short when our five-year-old neighbor skidded his bike tires in front of us. “Hey, buddy,” I said. “How was school today?” Mike asked. “It was a sad day,” our little […]