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Lovely Thing ~ Smart Skincare

Over the last decade or so, Americans have become much more conscientious about avoiding harmful chemicals, allergens, and antibiotics in food. In fact, if a woman was grocery shopping for her family and noticed equally priced organic and non-organic produce, I’d put money on the fact that she’d choose organic.  The organic and health food […]

On Having It All

I consider myself part of the first generation of women encouraged expected to work outside of the home, to balance a career and family, to wallow in the joy of having-it-all. When I was born in 1962, less than one-fourth of mothers with children under 18 were part of the labor force. By the time my […]

Simple Pleasures

Every now and then, we surprisingly find ourselves with a few spare minutes, or even an hour, to fill with whatever we’d like. Maybe an appointment was cancelled, or it’s Sunday afternoon and everyone in your family is busy. We can let this time slip by like sand through an hourglass, or we can fill […]

Classic Films

Do you ever find yourself surfing the television channels, wishing that there was something “good” to watch? We all have our guilty pleasures ~ news marathons, reality TV, or crime dramas. However, once in awhile I find myself at a point where I simply cannot force myself to watch another episode of House Hunters (I know they want […]

Lovely Thing ~ A Staycation

My husband and I decided not to go on a summer vacation this year. Instead, we chose to enjoy a summer-long staycation. Admittedly, we are a couple of homebodies who have never really been bitten by the travel-bug, but here are a few great things we’ve discovered about a staycation ~ ~ no worries about […]

The Joy of Jane

This Tuesday, July 18, marks the 200th anniversary of the death of English novelist Jane Austen. Thankfully, her witty and delightful novels have made Austen immortal. Through her clever observation of people and society, her novels offer a glimpse at life in late 18th century England and the timelessness of human nature. She keeps it […]

Lovely Thing ~ La Seine and I

This weekend, I watched the sweetest animated movie with my children. While browsing through Netflix, the movie, A Monster in Paris, caught our attention. Set in Paris in 1910, a mishap in a greenhouse turns a tiny creature into the “Monster in Paris.” The Parisian music had all three of my children dancing on the living […]

Finishing Touches

We are hard at work finishing and editing the manuscript for our book, Lessons in Loveliness ~ available for purchase this summer. We hope the weather where you are is beautiful and breezy. Wishing you a blissful day ~ Alicia and Natalie

Lovely Thoughts

Today’s Lovely Thoughts ~ Love and knowledge…can’t get enough of that can we? Take just thirty seconds to let it sink in and inspire you today. Think on These Things ~ Alicia

Lessons from a Lady

Growing up, my little sisters and I had an adored babysitter we called Mabry. Mrs. Janelle Mabry was a lovely widow who holds a regular seat at the table of my childhood memories. Mabry made the best scrambled eggs in the world. (The secret, I’m afraid, was bacon lard.) She played gin rummy with me […]