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Be a Fountain, Not a Drain

When my father died, I was given a gift certificate to a garden center to purchase something special in his memory. My husband and I are both drawn to the peaceful sound of water, so we decided to get a decorative fountain for our backyard. Standing between two fountains at the garden store, we were […]

“Stay gold.” ~The Outsiders

It is finally May. The school year has almost concluded, my oldest daughter will be going into kindergarten next year, and I’m about to watch my eighth grade students graduate. Maybe I’m being sentimental, but I think we all wish that we could hold on to youth and innocence.  Although I am looking forward to […]

Minding My Manners

I climbed the curved marble staircase at the library looking forward to a morning exploring the nonfiction section, writing at an oak study table, and disappearing into another world of places and ideas. As I strolled down the stacks of philosophy books, I heard a cell phone ring. I was glad I remembered to turn […]

Service Before Self

Each month, our local Rotary Club honors an eighth grade Student of the Month recipient from each of the town’s local grade schools.  In addition to listing academic and extra-curricular achievements and accomplishments, students who apply must explain how they exhibit “Service Before Self”.  What a beautiful concept ~ service before self. Most of the […]

Lessons from ‘The Book of Joy’

A few days ago, at least 80 Syrian civilians, including many children, were killed in a chemical attack seemingly carried out by their own government. I debated turning off the news reports, but I could not turn my back on the suffering of my fellow man.  So, like many of you, I inhaled the atrocity […]

Stop and Listen~The Symphony

Several years ago, I received an advertisement in the mail for Powell Symphony Hall, the home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  Although I have a musical background, I’ll sheepishly admit that the list of classical pieces scheduled for the symphonic season intimidated me.  I could not discern the difference between Debussy and Vivaldi!  N’Sync or Backstreet? […]

Lovely Thing~ Declining an Invitation to a Pity Party

Recently, I decided to throw a great big pity party. I had several wonderful reasons for my sad soiree. As the only guest on the invitation list, I tried declining graciously, but the hostess was unrelenting! “We can lament about the past and worry about the future,” said she. “We can relive hurtful conversations, binge […]

Nature’s Gifts

The end of my favorite news program, CBS Sunday Morning, always concludes with a “Moment of Nature.”  The two-minute video clips vary from melting snow near a mountain stream to buzzing bees in a field of wildflowers.  I find myself so captivated by these serene nature scenes that, I must admit, I have found myself streaming “Moments […]

Lovely Things ~ The Serenity Prayer

One of the most influential women in my life was my mother-in-law, Georgia Garner Griffin. Having had a severe bone infection as a child, she was not physically strong, but she more than made up for it with unending mental and spiritual strength. Not many people would dare, as she did, to teach third grade […]

Lessons from an Art Museum

One of my favorite things to do is stroll through an art museum. My husband and I recently returned to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, near our home. While there, I thought about these lovely life lessons we can learn from an afternoon at an art museum~ Seek Beauty. An artist’s eye sees beauty everywhere. […]