Has a classic fall mum made it to your front porch yet? This yellow beauty sits on my neighbor’s door step, welcoming guests and the new season.  I do wonder how spring annuals know the calendar has turned to September. On what had to be the hottest day of the year, Mike and I plucked […]

Friday marks the first day of autumn. Take a peek inside our book for some ideas about celebrating the season! Lessons in Loveliness ~ Learning to Live a Lovely Life By N. Schultz and A. Woodward   Still want to order your copy? Email lessonsinloveliness@gmail.com with your order, or purchase from our Facebook Shop. If you […]

  Happy Birthday to my husband, Mike Woodward, a true gentleman.  “Gentleness is the ability to bear reproaches and slights with moderation, and not to embark on revenge quickly, and not to be easily provoked to anger, but be free from bitterness and contentiousness, having tranquility and stability in the spirit.” ~ Aristotle Think On […]

Our book is finally here! In a world full of chaos and bad news, we hope our book will illuminate the beauty, happiness, and light that exists all around us. We are so proud to put this beautiful little book into the world. A signed copy can be yours by sending your order to lessonsinloveliness.@gmail.com, […]

Hello Lovelies!  Thanks to all of you sweet, supportive souls who have already purchased our first book, Lessons in Loveliness ~ Learning to Live a Lovely Life. You mean more to us than you can imagine! It is now even easier to buy our book through the Lessons in Loveliness Facebook page. Click here for Facebook shop […]

The Lessons in Loveliness community encourages each another to see the beauty in the world and be the beauty in the world. Today, we are asking each of you to consider donating a little to those who have lost a lot in Hurricane Harvey. Please click on http://www.redcross.org to make a donation of $10 or […]

I’ve had an old song stuck in my head. You probably know it ~ Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me. Let there be peace on Earth, the peace that was meant to be. With God as our father, brothers now are we. Let me walk with my brother. In […]