Words of wisdom from a Greek slave who lived more than 2,500 years ago ~ be kind!

Lessons from an Icicle ~ Be Cool. Be Clear. Make Your Point. Avoid Meltdowns. And Don’t Forget to Sparkle!

Ask anyone who knows me well, and they will tell you that I am not a patient person. I eat, read, and walk quickly. I can clean my entire two-story house, bathrooms, floors, and windows, within a few hours. And when my family moved this past summer, we were unpacked within a weekend.Β  While my […]

“Winter sunshine is a fairy wand touching everything with strange magic.” ~Patience Strong

  At the beginning of 2017, I wrote about the practice of dedicating the new year to a single word that becomes a personal theme, motto, or mantra. In lieu of easily-broken resolutions, the word is a year-long touchstone for clarity, focus, and intention.Β  My word for last year was stillness. I decorated a small […]

Puppies have to be one of nature’s sweetest gifts!