‘Tis the season of hope! Celebrate!      

I was only in the seventh grade in 1997, but I remember watching Elton John’s moving tribute to the late Princess Diana during her televised funeral. I can also vividly recall images of thousands of cut flowers placed in front of Kensington Palace after her death. But the one image etched permanently in my brain […]


We’re ending the week with some wise words from Mother Maya. Have a lovely weekend, friends!

Blue. Moon. Look closely at this spectacular display, and you’ll see the festive glow from a light that wasn’t man made. Don’t miss nature’s most beautiful gifts this holiday season. 

  There is a seven-year-old boy living in a hut in Uganda who holds a piece of my heart. In a recent letter to my husband and me, Pascal wrote, “I would like to become a farmer so everyone in my village has food.” He hopes to visit America some day so he can drive […]

We are guessing you’re feeling stuffed today, so here’s some food for thought! Have a wonderful weekend!  

  Fall, in love!     

Earlier this fall, I saw a flyer about a weekday luncheon to benefit our library, featuring several interesting speakers. I bought a rather pricey ticket without a thought about attending the event by myself. As luck would have it, my name did not appear on the guest list, so I was offered a handwritten stick-on […]

This seems like a good quote to wrap up the week. In preparation for Thanksgiving, the grocery store and traffic might be filled with a few turkeys. Let’s try not to get our feathers ruffled and have an attitude of gratitude!  

“Winter is an etching, spring is a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” ~ Stanley Horowitz