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Lovely thing ~ Snapshots

I was able to capture a few photos during the total solar eclipse event that I attended in Waterloo, Illinois on Monday. We had just over two minutes of totality, and my students and I stood in awe of the impressiveness of our God and our universe.  Here are a few of my favorite photos […]

When We Spin…

How often do we find our schedules, future plans, decisions, and worries spinning through our minds?  Don’t these thoughts seem to rotate on a twenty-four hour cycle, to the point where we are so dizzy and tired that we just hope to topple over in the right direction? Since I was a teenager, I have worried and stressed about […]

“Peace be with you”

Postpartum anxiety followed the birth of each of my three children.  Although I did not feel sad and depressed, like many new moms, I was paralyzed with fear.  Horrifying thoughts plagued me constantly.  I would think, “What if something happens to me and I miss out on time with my family?  What if I trip […]