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Brains, Courage, and Heart

Do you ever feel like you woke up far, far from home ~ where all the world is a hopeless jumble and the raindrops tumble all around? We feel ‘ya, girl.  Growing incivility, rude and crude behavior, the sassy, trashy, and not-very-classy can make us long for a mythical place where trouble melts like lemon […]

Lovely Thing ~ The Essential Tote Bag

Choosing the perfect tote bag can be as difficult as choosing a new handbag or wallet. Sure, you have 87 free cloth totes from volunteering at that service event, making a purchase at a beauty counter, or spending $50 shopping anywhere. But when it comes to actually toting around a laptop, work files, or essentials […]

Hello, Lovely!

  Looking for inspiration to live a more beautiful life?  We believe the world offers us constant lessons in loveliness. Every Sunday and Wednesday, we share something we hope helps you seek, create, and celebrate a lovely life.  This is a sneak peek at one of Jessica Priest’s sweet illustrations from our upcoming book ~ due […]