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Lovely Thing ~ La Seine and I

This weekend, I watched the sweetest animated movie with my children. While browsing through Netflix, the movie, A Monster in Paris, caught our attention. Set in Paris in 1910, a mishap in a greenhouse turns a tiny creature into the “Monster in Paris.” The Parisian music had all three of my children dancing on the living […]


Stop and Listen~The Symphony

Several years ago, I received an advertisement in the mail for Powell Symphony Hall, the home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  Although I have a musical background, I’ll sheepishly admit that the list of classical pieces scheduled for the symphonic season intimidated me.  I could not discern the difference between Debussy and Vivaldi!  N’Sync or Backstreet? […]

Lovely Thing~Trivia Night

Last weekend, I attended a local trivia night.  The theme was Musical Pursuit and the proceeds from the event benefited local services in my county.  And man, oh man, the questions were difficult!   Does anyone know Bruno Mars’s real name?  I sure didn’t (it is Peter Hernandez, by the way)! In the end, my […]