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Words to Make Us Sparkle

We are ending our week with a positive quote featured in our book, Lessons in Loveliness ~ Learning to Live a Lovely Life. And what, friend, is a simple pleasure you promise to enjoy this weekend?  

Simple Pleasures

Every now and then, we surprisingly find ourselves with a few spare minutes, or even an hour, to fill with whatever we’d like. Maybe an appointment was cancelled, or it’s Sunday afternoon and everyone in your family is busy. We can let this time slip by like sand through an hourglass, or we can fill […]


Lovely Thing ~ Setting the Table

I have fond memories of growing up in a family that sat down to dinner together every night.  I can still hear my mom call to my sisters and me from the kitchen, “Girls, time to set the table.” Although it was never a formal affair, each evening we set the table with five placemats […]