7 Ways to Spread Kindness This Week

This Sunday actually marks the end of Random Acts of Kindness Week, but there is no reason to stop spreading the love!  So we challenge you, this coming week, to think about how you can spread kindness and love to others.  

Need inspiration and ideas?  Here’s a true story:

About a month ago, my daycare called to let me know that my youngest daughter was sick.  She had a terrible cough, slight fever, and pneumonia was already present in another baby room.  I left school early, picked up my daughter, and went straight to the local Urgent Care.  While waiting to see the doctor, I really needed to use the restroom.  My issue at this point, however, was where to set my one-year old.  If you’ve been around one-year olds recently, you know that you can’t just set them on a bathroom floor; they will crawl all over and pull up on everything.  To compound my problem, I also was alone at the office, so I had no one to hold my daughter in the interim.  

But then an angel appeared.  As I was standing in the bathroom, this nice woman walked in, noticed me looking to and fro, and said to me, “I hope you don’t think this is too weird, but would you like for me to hold her while you use the restroom?”  

“She will probably cry,” I admitted.  “But yes, I’ll be quick! Thank you so so much!”  

“I have twins,” she explained, “I know how it goes.”  

I was taken aback by her kindness that afternoon.  She could have ignored me, as most people do in public restrooms.  But instead, she saw a fellow mom in distress, and reached out with kindness.   Not only did my daughter receive the medicine she needed that day, but I too received a dose of kindness.  

While it is easy and thoughtful to pay for another’s coffee, we offer seven alternative ways to spread kindness this week.  We welcome your ideas, as well!  Feel free to share in the comments section.  

1. Clean the break-room:  I don’t know about your workplace lounge, but the teacher’s lounge sink at my school frequently fills up with dirty dishes that surprisingly, belong to no one.  Clean it up for your co-workers, and bask in the joy of a clean empty sink.  

2. Send a card to a friend: There is such a simple joy that arises when you see a hand-addressed card in your mailbox.  Choose a funny or thoughtful greeting card, the next time you go shopping, and write a message to a friend.  Snail-mail still spreads smiles. 

3. Tell someone they are doing a great job: Whether it is a co-worker who always gives 100%, a fellow mom in need of encouragement, an attention-seeking child, or a loving spouse, giving intentional recognition for a job well done is truly a cherished gift.  

4. Donate lightly-used items: It is easy to get rid of clothing that is threadbare, broken toys, and items with missing pieces.  However, it takes a much more intentional approach to donate items that are “nice,” but possibly do not suit you or your family any longer.  Consider donating those “nice” items to others in need.

5. Bring in a treat: We all know that treats are ALWAYS well-received in the office, unless, of course your co-workers are dieting.  Survey your audience first, and then bring in a surprise snack!  Sometimes all it takes is a tasty dip or chocolate chip cookie to get through that afternoon slump.  

6. Offer to be a runner: I’m not talking about 5ks or marathons here, but instead, the not quite as exhausting act of running an errand for someone.  You could pick up lunch for your husband or colleagues, or grab a few grocery essentials for an elderly relative.  Whatever the errand is, it will lighten the load for another person.

7. Be an attentive listener: It is very difficult to listen to others without waiting to respond.  Choose a day, or make an intentional effort in general, to listen to others and respond to their feelings or concerns without inserting your own opinions or experiences.  


~Think on These Things~



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