Lovely Lesson ~ Why We Love The Royal Family

royal wedding

Photo from ElleUK

prince harry and meghan markle

Photo from USA Today

I was only in the seventh grade in 1997, but I remember watching Elton John’s moving tribute to the late Princess Diana during her televised funeral. I can also vividly recall images of thousands of cut flowers placed in front of Kensington Palace after her death. But the one image etched permanently in my brain is that of Prince William and Prince Harry walking, heads down, in their mother’s funeral procession. 

They were close to my age, handsome, and hurting. And the whole world was aching for them and the loss of The People’s Princess. 

Fast-forward to 2011, when the charming Prince William married the graceful Kate Middleton, and you’ll find me, another royal-obsessed American girl. 

My fascination with The Royal Family has only snowballed in these subsequent years. It could be the fact that The Duchess of Cambridge and I share so many seemingly similar qualities ~ our birthdays are two days apart, our pregnancies were eerily similar in the first trimester, and our children are the same ages! But enough about my best friend…

Netflix’s original series The Crown has also converted me into an Anglophile. Not only are the sets, locations, costumes, and dialogue masterfully crafted, but the characters are magnificent! From King George VI to Elizabeth II, the series allows viewers to peek into the dramatic events and issues of the Royal House of Windsor. If you have yet to watch this series, start now ~ the second season begins December 8th. 

Of course, the recent engagement of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle has all of us eagerly anticipating the splendor of another royal wedding. In May, millions will tune in for a glimpse at the wedding gown and the guests’ fashionable hats. But fashion aside, if you’ve ever wondered why we find ourselves spellbound by the Royal Family, the essence of the allure can be attributed to the certitude that ~  

We aren’t royal ~ The Royal House of Windsor is a modern monarchy that has survived over 100 years. The history is extensive, twisted, and gilded; and as outsiders, the traditions and governing rules are fascinating. 

They are elegant ~ Whether Catherine The Duchess of Cambridge is dressed in Alexander McQueen for a royal engagement or she is wearing a nautical-striped tee on the sideline of a sporting event, she is a model of refinement, poise, and empathy. 

There are mysterious ~ In our digital age of selfies, snaps, and tweets, it is rare to encounter a celebrity who abstains from our over-sharing-age. While The Royal Family is obviously in the spotlight, a discernment and privacy exists about them that is both enticing and refreshing. 

“My guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful, and caring.” ~Prince William 

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  1. There are lots of royals watchers here in the U.S. I agree with your assessment as to why we are fascinated by the royals. For me it started with Princess Diana, a truly beautiful woman. The elegance is what draws me.

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